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Our Partners

Sunshine has alliances with educational, business and government organizations like the SUNY Levin Institute, Baruch College, Monroe College and others, that offer Shiners access to a variety of services and resources.

Industry experts,visionary thinkers and leading practitioners from regional and national organizations provide workshops, counseling and the kind of professional insights that help budding business owners advance to the next level.

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"Being a small business owner is about learning enough about yourself, your audience and your competition. It's imperative to understand these core elements in order to achieve a sustainable business."

Cheni Yerushalmi, Co-founder

Sunshine Bronx

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"The challenge at the Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator was to create a hybrid work space that would support traditional business processes and promote the new way of working by fostering collaboration among the diverse members of the community. We wanted the space to reflect Sunshine's core values about what it takes to succeed in business: transparency; innovation; flexibility and inspiration."

Harel Edery, Founder

Studio Mosza

(Shiner from June 2010 to Present)
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"Buzzd, Inc flourished at Sunshine when we first started out company in the summer/fall of 2007. The atmosphere was electric with startup entrepreneurs - everyone trying to "do the impossible" altogether which created a culture of camaraderie and sharing experiences...We'll never forget our roots, and Sunshine Suites was the place we called home."

Nihal Mehta, CEO & co-founder

buzzed inc.

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"Aspiring business owners will learn from experts and other Shiners who have used these techniques to grow their own small businesses"

Don Angelo Bivens

"The Maestro" | Education and Productivity

"Just four years ago, we were in a double cube at Sunshine. I truly believe that going from a home office to Sunshine Suites was a big step in our development enabling me to share ideas with my other two co-workers daily and be in a work environment as opposed to being tempted to turn on the TV every morning. We're closing in on 150 full time employees now."

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Michael Kirban, founder of Vitacoco

(Shiner from March 2006 to May 2007)

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"The Field Center for Entrepreneurship at Baruch College has been serving students and the community since 1993 and today we enter the next phase of that service. By combining forces with Sunshine Suites, we are injecting a shot of reality into the classroom and giving our students additional chances for experiential learning as they help real-life entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground."

Monica Dean, Administrative Director

Field Center for Entrepreneurship

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"We are thrilled to be partnering with Sunshine Suites to create the first City-sponsored business incubator in the Bronx. Already operating two locations in Manhattan, Sunshine Suites has the proven track record to make this new Bronx incubator a success. With over 11,000 square feet of space, the Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator will accommodate up to 400 entrepreneurs over the next three years. This facility will lead to more Bronx-based startups and serve as a catalyst for job creation across the borough."

Seth W. Pinsky, President


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"Our partnership with Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator reflects President Obama’s vision -- to out-innovate and out-educate. By supporting early-stage urban and ethnic entrepreneurs, we aim to strengthen our local economy, create sustainable economic opportunities in the Bronx, and compete globally."

Michael Marinaccio, Dean

Monroe’s School of Business and Accounting

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"Cheni Yerushalmi of Sunshine Suites has been a tremendous asset to the Kauffman FastTrac program we run in partnership with NYC Business Solutions. Not only does he share his own experiences and insights, but he offers our participants encouragement in their endeavors, provides information about the tremendous resources available in New York City, and urges them to learn to network and "get out there". Cheni has clearly become an integral player in the NYC start-up scene and would be an asset to any region embarking on entrepreneurial programs as an engine for economic growth..."

Helene Rube, Director of Educational

Levin Institute